Pocket Mirror Green Bee

pocket mirror bee green.jpg
pocket mirror bee green.jpg

Pocket Mirror Green Bee


Pocket Mirror by Fiona Hamilton.
Made with coloured metallic and matte foils.
Mirror measures 2.25" diameter.
Presented in a packet.
One off designs.

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Fiona is a printmaker and designer based in Bristol, UK. She studied Graphic Fine Art at Canterbury and makes hand printed screen prints, cyanotype prints, and foil badges, magnets and mirrors featuring her illustrations.  

For the last few years Fiona has been using screen print and cyanotype in her artwork. She also uses coloured metallic and matte foils to make badges and small items. Her artwork draws on a lot of natural themes such as plants, leaves, trees and creatures including an array of birds. Fiona often draws directly from nature or from photographs that she has taken and regularly lugs her heavy telephoto lens about to get photos of birds!